What Are The Side Effects Of Spicy Food During Pregnancy

Side Effects Of Spicy Food During Pregnancy

So You’re Wondering, Are There Any Side Effects Of Spicy Food During Pregnancy?

Well, let’s just say that firstly, medically, there is no evidence to say that spicy food has any effect on the body during pregnancy. This means that you can safely enjoy your favorite cuisines whether this may be Indian food, a Mexican dish or a spicy Japanese  meal, you can rest assure that there are no severe side effects of spicy food during pregnancy.

Here’s a list of the potential side effects of spicy food during pregnancy

1. Babies Taste For Spicy Food

According to medical research, mothers who eat particular foods during pregnancy have a higher chance of their babies eating that particular food type when starting on solid food.

Studies have shown that babies who are exposed to orange juice through mothers who drink this regularly while pregnant are more likely to have a preference for this type of fruit during the early stages of their life and beyond.

2. Heartburn

As much as we love spicy food, it’s important to remember that on occasions, spicy food can cause mild heartburn. In particular, during pregnancy, heartburn can be uncomfortable and it is generally advised to speak to your Pharmacist or GP should you experience considerably high levels of heartburn.

It’s always best to stop eating any spicy food if you start experiencing heartburn as this can sometimes be the main cause.

3. Morning Sickness

Spicy food has been known to make some women experience higher rates of morning sickness. Therefore, if you are suffering from extensive morning sickness, it may be best to avoid any spicy food until these symptoms wear down.

If you are experiencing morning sickness, eating small amounts of Ginger has been known to sooth this as well as engaging in light exercise such as walking.

So in conclusion, there are no severe side effects of spicy food during pregnancy and one can eat a range of spicy foods while having a baby. Just ensure that if you experience any symptoms of heartburn or morning sickness; having a break from any spicy food will usually be the first step towards easing any discomfort.