5 Evening Snacks That Will Give You More Energy


Energy Snacks Without The Calorie Count

Gummi bears, Chips and Chocolate: The classic snacks that you nibble on while watching TV after work are usually nothing but high-calorie, let alone healthy. However, an evening snack does not have to pump up your calorie account nor be unhealthy. In addition, you can create an optimal basis for the night’s regeneration. We’re talking about the process in which during the nighttime, your body switches to recovery mode, meaning that it takes its time to fix small injuries to the muscles (e.g., muscle cracks) however, this requires amino acids, the protein building blocks. With a protein-rich evening snack, you can make sure that your body does not rely solely on body-borne protein from your muscles to do this “repair work”.

In addition, protein-rich evening snacks are also ideal for weight loss, as protein fills you up for a long time so you do not have to wake up hungry at night and plunder the refrigerator.
Allow us to provide some typically protein-rich and sugar-free examples, all below 100 kcal per serving!

1. All sorts of wood-like fruits

Although nuts are not so low in calories, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts and other types, all meet the criteria of healthy evening snacks. Already a handful of nuts are sufficient to keep you full for a few hours and keep the blood glucose levels stable. A spoonful of nutmeg in the evening is an ideal snack not only to provide you with healthy, unsaturated fatty acids, but also with fiber and of course, vegetable protein, as well as vitamins and minerals. If you prefer hazelnut spread or maybe peanut butter, you can go ahead and have a spoonful but make sure that the added sugars are kept at a moderate to low quantity, in order to snack while feeling no regrets.

2. Cottage cheese

Actually, grainy fresh cheese is a good choice for a healthy snack at any time of day, but in the evening you can score several points because it supplies a lot of proteins, contains hardly any fat and only a few calories. Here the nutritional values at a glance per 100 grams (1/2 cup) of cottage cheese: 95 calories, 13 grams of proteins, 3 g carbohydrates, 4 g of fat (max). Another plus: You can simply spoon the cheese pure from the pack, without bothering to layer it over something else. If, by any chance, you find the taste a wee bit bland, you can, for example, turn this snack into a dessert by adding nuts or berries. Do you like it more on the salty side? Then mix some mustard, herbs, spices or chopped green olives with your grainy fresh cheese and voila! Still, healthy late evening snacks of this nature won’t leave you feeling any animosity towards it!

3. Eggs

Eggs are at the top of the list of protein suppliers and that’s no wonder: 1 egg provides an average of 7 grams of protein, which can be used by your body rapidly as the absorption rate is faster for animal protein than for vegetable protein. In addition, they contain many vitamins and minerals. Most protein is, however, in the egg yolk, and not in the egg white – as one would perhaps suspect. The egg yolk also contains more fat and more calories, but hard boiled eggs are a quick and easy snack not just during the day but also in the evening so don’t shy away from that filling delice!

4. Magerquark

If you leave the German name aside, it is just like cottage cheese and also one of the must-haves in your fridge. No matter what goal you are pursuing, whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, or simply eat healthy, you cannot go wrong with Magerquark. It is generally low-fat and a real treat for those tiresome, after 5 workday evenings. It’s most contained protein is Casein, which gets absorbed slowly into the blood and supplies your body all night with amino acids. Sure, Casein is also available as a powder, which Is highly concentrated and can be mixed quickly into a shake. Why deny yourself the absolute pleasure of consuming it fresh, though? You can also incorporate it into sandwiches, salads, cheesecake and once again, you have an absolutely delicious, guilt-free, late evening snack.

5. Salty Popcorn

Do you remember popcorn just as a sweet calorie bomb from the cinema? Then buy yourself some popcorn kernels, because you can quickly make a healthy snack fit for an evening at home. Unsweetened popcorn has very few calories and little to no sugar, so you’re under no risk of messing up your blood glucose levels just before bedtime. In order to savor a quick and tasty evening snack, simply place the popcorn kernels into a saucepan along some oil, cover on top and get ready for the little performance – just be careful not to burn them or yourself.